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Wealth Insights Service Level Report

The Wealth Insights Service Level Reports provide syndicated (industry-wide) and proprietary (client-specific) research as well as quality and customer satisfaction tracking. They are an industry standard measure of financial adviser satisfaction with service levels provided by fund managers and platform providers. Published annually since 1992, the research is also used by many companies as a measure of competitive benchmarking initiatives.

These studies set a quality benchmark for the industry by examining planner satisfaction among the top firms that represent a majority of the Australian market. With the insights provided in these reports, fund managers and platform providers can develop effective competitive strategies and resource allocation plans. 

Additionally, the research assists fund managers and platform providers to better understand the needs, expectations and desires of today’s planners.  By understanding the industry’s critical customer satisfaction drivers, companies gain insight into factors that affect customer loyalty and retention.



Customised Analysis


Each subscriber to the reports receives additional proprietary (client-specific) analysis that enables, among other things, a direct comparison with the best-in-class and industry averages.

Subscribers can also opt for additional competitive research that is undertaken with their key advisers.

For further information about the Service Level Report please contact Wealth Insights.

Service Level Report
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