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Bespoke Research/Consulting

Commissioned Projects


Our speciality is conducting bespoke projects for our clients that leverage insights gleaned from twenty years' expertise in the wealth management industry and draws upon Wealth Insights’ syndicated studies.




For an area as complex as wealth management, insights attainable through qualitative research unlock more than just what advisers think and do, it explains the meaning behind their attitudes and behaviours. Through our unrivalled database of financial planners and our segmentation based on planners investment product choices, Wealth Insights can target key planner groups providing a richer and truer account of planners current and likely behaviour. We conduct focus groups, in-depth interviews and ethnographic research.  




At Wealth Insights we don't simply provide data from bespoke survey research. Key to our quantitative research is translating complex analysis into accessible insights and solutions. Our surveys draw upon many years of experience in strategically framing questions and answers for financial planners.


Strategy Planning and Consulting


Alongside our qualitative and quantitative research, we offer broader strategic consulting services and are regarded as a leader in extracting insights from data. 

Consulting projects leverage insights gleaned from Wealth Insights primary research over the past 15 years.  



For further information about conducting bespoke research please contact Wealth Insights.


bespoke projects
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