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With over 20 years’ experience, Wealth Insights is the leading provider of market intelligence and consulting services within the Australian wealth management industry. Our clients include the majority of Australia's largest and most prestigious fund managers and platform providers, along with multi-national asset managers.


Our exclusive focus on the wealth management industry means that we speak the language of financial advisers, investors, and other industry professionals allowing us to frame research that uncovers real insights and delivers practical, actionable strategies to our clients.


Our tool kit of surveys, questionnaires, focus group and ethnographic guides reflect what we have learned in conducting over 20,000 interviews and interactions with financial advisers and investors covering the Australian market. 

Wealth Insights has pioneered a unique syndicated reporting model that not only provides clients with industry-wide intelligence but also provides proprietary (client-specific) market and brand intelligence to individual companies.  We also offer a full-service offering of customised research, leveraging the insights gleaned from syndicated research.


"As testimony to the quality of the research, many executives in 
financial services have their key performance indicators and bonuses linked 
to the findings detailed within Wealth Insights' annual research reports."

                                                                                    -Money Management

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