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Advertising/Brand Tracking Study

Advertising/Brand Tracking Study

Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

1. Your advertising is assessed for its cut-through by:

  • Awareness: advisers indicate whether they have seen your ad;

  • Attribution: those who have seen the ad (which has been de-branded) are asked which company/product is being advertised.


2. The key message of the advertising is also tested to determine if the ad is changing perceptions of       your brand/offering.


3. Your brand is also assessed and tracked through:

  • familiarity with your company;

  • how your brand is perceived in the marketplace;

  • how likely financial planners are to place business with you.



For further information about the Advertising/Brand Tracking Study please contact Wealth Insights.

The Wealth Insights Advertising/Brand Tracking Study is conducted every couple of months and provides you with the means to regularly monitor the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing programmes with financial planners.  

Your advertising is assessed across a number of key measures including advertising awareness (cut-through), attribution, brand familiarity, brand equity and future use. The tracking study allows you to monitor how these key measures are changing on an on-going basis.

The study is tailor-made to suit your needs and tests whether your specific messages are having an impact on planners.​

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